Mushrooms and Drums

  • For example: early, this mornig I went in the wood and I found this delicious mushrooms. In Italy they are called PORCINI, and in my country (Rocca di Papa) find them is an autumn tradition. I didn’t practice with  drums  this morning, but I ate the mushrooms and now I play better than yesterday. You know what I mean? If you do things that you like, you’re feeling good and what you do will be better. An important thing: I am not Buddhist 😀


Technical Test

I’m new around here.
Beginning of this new adventure of the blog,
I would only talk about drums, but I get bored, so I’ll try to tell the life around the drums. My life!
Already I got bored hahahah I’m Joke!!! Tonight, for example I play with my band Blackrainbows live at Radio Rock at 8:00 PM (Radio Rock is in Rome, Italy) Get streaming if you want 🙂
See You Bye